Located in the geographical center of Taiwan, Nantou is the only county in the island without a coastline. The climate here is pleasant throughout the four seasons, and the scenery is picturesque, with ever-changing views in the morning, evening, sunny or rainy weather. This is not only a description of the majestic Sun Moon Lake, but also a true portrayal of Nantou.

Nantou is rich in natural resources. Besides the breathtakingly beautiful Sun Moon Lake and the Qingjing Farm known as "Little Switzerland", Taiwan's highest peak Mount Yu and longest river Zhuoshui River are both located in Nantou County. The nostalgic Jiji Railway Line, the Wushe Incident Memorial Monument, the quirky and charming Monster Village, and the warm and simple local customs all give Nantou a unique cultural charm.

The unique climate and excellent water quality in Nantou have contributed to the fragrant sweet potatoes and rich Shaoxing wine. Nantou is like a clear spring that washes away the hustle and bustle of tourists, leaving them with a refreshing and peaceful experience.

In conclusion, Nantou is a hidden gem in Taiwan, offering a diverse array of natural and cultural attractions. From its stunning landscapes and rich biodiversity to its historical monuments and delicious local cuisine, Nantou has something to offer for every type of traveler. It's a perfect destination to escape the busyness of city life and immerse oneself in the beauty and simplicity of nature.

Encountering Peach Blossom in the Mist, Watching the Cute Pet Sheep "Stripping Show"

Nicknamed "Peach Blossom Shangri-La," Chingjing Farm is an iconic landmark in Nantou. Lush green meadows shrouded in mist create a fairy tale scene. The adorable sheep are both mascot and star attraction. Don't miss the delightful Sheep Shearing Show on weekends in the idyllic pastures. As staff expertly strip the woolly coats off sheep, the timid creatures "bleat" with embarrassment at their sudden nakedness. This amusing spectacle always delights audiences. At Chingjing Farm, encounter a whimsical wonderland where sheep freely roam the rolling hills. Lose yourself in magical scenery that evokes the fabled Peach Blossom Spring.

Explore the Demon Village and send out a postcard with a "demonic aura"

Nestled within the dense forests of Xitou lies a mysterious village shrouded in supernatural forces, sending chills down visitors' spines. This is Monster Village, Nantou's most popular tourist attraction. But there's nothing to fear in this imaginative and playful site. Monster motifs and whimsical decor transform the streets from start to finish. Lovable creatures lurk around every corner, more cute than creepy. Don't forget to mail a postcard from the Monster Post Office filled with "monster vibes"! At the one-of-a-kind Monster Village, encounter delightful spirits rather than frightening ghouls. This clever theme park creative puts a friendly spin on the paranormal.

Feast on Shaoxing wine popsicles, be careful not to "lean against the wall"

The Shaoxing wine produced at the Puli Winery is famed across Taiwan for its rich, aromatic flavor. Beyond just winetasting, the distillery now has a museum exploring wine culture and produces various Shaoxing-inspired products. Among them, the Shaoxing wine popsicles are a hot favorite with tourists. But be warned - just a few licks might leave you tipsy! Savor the unique interplay of cooling ice and warming liquor. Bite by cautious bite, the potent popsicle tingles your tastebuds. As the flavors mingle and the alcohol hits, you may find yourself stumbling tipsily out the distillery door. Indulge wisely and pace yourself when sampling this popular Puli treat. The sweetness and strength of the Shaoxing wine popsicles deliver a "buzz" like no other.

Go to Mount Hehuan to see the most beautiful sunrise and sea of clouds

Soaring Hehuan Mountain is a recent star attraction, thanks to its prime high-altitude location in Nantou and the area's ideal climate. Stunning scenery awaits all year round, but winter brings spectacular cloud sea and snow scenes that draw many visitors. When moisture meets cold fronts at this elevation, flurries gracefully fall, conjuring a romantic, movie-like ambiance. Wake at dawn to catch the sun slowly illuminating the mountains, its rays piercing the sea of clouds to create a heavenly vision. Or come at dusk and watch the sky ignite in dazzling hues. The sensational sunrises and sunsets viewed from Hehuan Mountain are truly not to be missed. And if lucky enough to catch a snowfall, you’ll find yourself in a winter wonderland fantasy.

Intercity bus

Buses connect the towns and cities of Nantou County. Caotun, Nantou City, Puli, Zhushan, and Shuili are the 5 major transportation hubs, with buses running between them and other Nantou destinations.

Puli lies at the island's geographical center, offering convenient access to Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing Farm. Zhushan is the main gateway to Lugu, Xitou, and Shanlinxi.

Major bus companies serving Nantou County include Guoguang, Tongxian, Zhanghua, Yuanlin, Nantou, Zongda, Shanlinxi Youle, Taixi, and Taichung. They provide routes to Puli, Shuili, Xitou, Shanlinxi, Xiangqinliao, Caotun, Lugu Township, Zhushan Town, Jiji Town, and more.

Key stations:

1. Nantou Bus Station
- Add: near Sanhe 3rd Rd, Nantou City
- Website:

2. Puli Main Station
- Add: 18 Zhongzheng 4th Rd, next to Puli Brewery
- Tel: 049-2984031

3. Puli Transfer Station
- Add: 338 Zhongzheng Rd, Puli Town
- Tel: 049-2996147

4. Caotun Station
- Add: 236 Sec. 2 Taiping Rd, Caotun Town
- Tel: 049-2333413

5. Yuanlin Buses Zhushan Station
- Add: 21 Caiyuan Rd, Zhushan Town

With comprehensive routes from major stations across the county, Nantou's diverse towns and natural wonders are easily accessible by bus.

Best Travel Time

Nantou County is located in the center of Taiwan Island and is the only county and city in Taiwan without a coastline. The average annual temperature here is 19.2 ℃, and the temperature is relatively comfortable throughout the year, making it possible to travel. From April to May, you can see a lush lawn at Qingjing Farm, and you can participate in night firefly watching activities at Sun Moon Lake; May is the flowering season for wild chrysanthemums and azaleas on Qingjing Farm; June to August is the annual season for shearing wool at Qingjing Farm, and honey peaches can also be picked; September November is the harvest season for Qingjing Farm, where you can eat fresh fruits and taste the first batch of winter tea. You can participate in the 10000 person swimming competition or watch the annual fireworks display at Sun Moon Lake; From December to February of the following year, there are plum blossoms blooming on Qingjing Farm, and cherry and peach blossoms blooming in February (flowering from February to March).

Dressing Guidelines

Taichung has mild winters from December to March, averaging around 18°C. Pack pants, long sleeves and a medium-weight jacket. Summers from May to October are hot and humid, with temperatures steady around 27°C. June to August sees highs around 32°C. Light pants or shorts with short sleeve shirts work well. Bring a thin extra layer like a jacket or sweater for cool evenings or windy days.

On hot sunny days, don't forget a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Umbrellas help in sudden storms too. Pack clothes that dry quickly if caught in rain. Locals dress casually, so shorts, skirts, t-shirts and sandals are comfortable for exploring Taichung's neighborhoods and markets on foot. Check the forecast to confirm, but packing layers for Taichung's fluctuating conditions ensures you'll stay cool while enjoying all the city has to offer.

Other tips

Taiwan offers Youth Travel Cards specifically for domestic and foreign travelers aged 15-30. The cards provide discounts on attractions, transportation, hotels, dining, and shopping to encourage youth tourism.

- Ages 15-30 with valid ID showing proof of age

Getting a card:
- Free of charge
- Bring passport, entry permit, or other identification
- Complete on-site application at select locations

- Major transit hubs like Taipei Main Station, airports, metro stations
- Tourism centers in Taipei City
- Taipei Youth Volunteer Center

- Cards issued in 2006-2008 remain valid until December 31, 2015.

Taiwan warmly welcomes young visitors. Apply for a Youth Travel Card on arrival to unlock savings across the country and fully experience Taiwanese culture, cuisine, and adventure as a youth traveler.

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