Miaoli County is located in the central-northern part of Taiwan Island, bordering Xinzhu County and Xinzhu City to the north and northeast, and facing the Taiwan Strait to the west. With a coastline of approximately 50 kilometers and an area of 1,820.31 square kilometers, Miaoli is shaped like a shining diamond. This county is well-known as a "Hakka county" in Taiwan, with 13 out of its 18 townships and cities being the main residences of the Hakka people. Various Hakka towns and compounds are the most unique tourism resources in Miaoli County.

The economic activities in Miaoli County were once dominated by agriculture and animal husbandry. Nowadays, various fruit and vegetable farms and ranches still remain as popular tourist destinations for visitors. In addition, cultural and folklore museums are another major feature of tourism in Miaoli County. If you prefer ancient customs and sentiments beyond the local culture, attractions such as Shengxing Station and Longteng Broken Bridge will surely satisfy your needs.

Overall, Miaoli County offers a diverse range of tourism options, from its rich Hakka culture and history to its beautiful natural scenery and agricultural attractions. Visitors can enjoy the unique charm of Hakka towns, experience the traditional way of life on farms and ranches, and appreciate the beauty of nature along the coast. With so much to see and do, Miaoli County is an ideal destination for both cultural and nature-based tourism.

Best Travel Time

The best time to travel to Miaoli is in spring and autumn, especially from October to November. At this time, the temperature is around 22 ℃ -24 ℃, and there are relatively few rainy days, making it comfortable and pleasant. From the end of May to September every year, it is summer, hot and humid; December February is winter, and although the temperature may not be too low, it is humid and rainy, giving people a very cold feeling. In addition, June to October is the typhoon season in Taipei every year, with the most frequent typhoons occurring from July to September. It is recommended to stagger this period when traveling to Taipei.

Dressing Guidelines

Taichung has mild winters from December to March, averaging around 18°C. Pack pants, long sleeves and a medium-weight jacket. Summers from May to October are hot and humid, with temperatures steady around 27°C. June to August sees highs around 32°C. Light pants or shorts with short sleeve shirts work well. Bring a thin extra layer like a jacket or sweater for cool evenings or windy days.

On hot sunny days, don't forget a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Umbrellas help in sudden storms too. Pack clothes that dry quickly if caught in rain. Locals dress casually, so shorts, skirts, t-shirts and sandals are comfortable for exploring Taichung's neighborhoods and markets on foot. Check the forecast to confirm, but packing layers for Taichung's fluctuating conditions ensures you'll stay cool while enjoying all the city has to offer.

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