Lu'an delights with picturesque scenery across six scenic areas. Tiantangzhai in Jinzhai County astounds with breathtaking vistas. Wanfo Lake in Shucheng County charms with its tranquil waters. The magnificent Anhui Grand Canyon awaits outdoor adventurers. Experience the majesty of Dabieshan's tallest peak. Foziling in Huoshan County and Wanfo Mountain in Shucheng County offer more natural splendor. Visitors can hike, birdwatch and drift down scenic waterways.

Beyond nature, Lu'an boasts a rich cultural legacy. Numerous historic sites and relics provide glimpses into the past. Lu'an has also produced many distinguished figures who have shaped Chinese history and culture, like renowned generals, politicians, scholars and revolutionaries. Their legacies shine like stars across the ages. 

With picturesque landscapes, fascinating history and remarkable individuals, Lu'an offers diverse attractions for travelers seeking both natural beauty and cultural insights. Outdoors enthusiasts, history buffs and those wanting to walk in the footsteps of China's luminaries will find much to discover.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons, spring and autumn are the best.

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Subtropical humid monsoon climate

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