Nestled amongst clear streams and picturesque mountains, Loudi boasts over 70 cultural sights and scenic spots. The Meijiang Scenic Area, Yueliang Dong Cave, Daxiong Mountain, Jiufeng Mountain, and Longshan Provincial Forest Parks showcase Loudi's natural splendor and unique landscapes. The renowned Shuifu Temple Reservoir and Shengxian Dong in Loudi's suburbs complete the city's bounty of captivating attractions.

Loudi tempts taste buds as well with Lianyuan's finely milled flour, Yongfeng's spicy lantern peppers, Lianyuan's black goats, mala dried beef, Luokou's molten tallow pastries, Xinhua's Mengding tea, and Shuangfeng's Biyu green tea.

Cruise emerald waters, then enter an underground world of stalactite caves. Hike through pristine provincial parks and bamboo forests. Sample fiery cuisine and famous teas from across the region. In Loudi, spectacular nature and delectable flavors await.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons

Suggested playing days

3 days

Local climate

Central subtropical continental monsoon humid climate

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