Blessed with perpetual spring-like weather, Kunming fully lives up to its nickname "Spring City". It was once the heart of the Bronze Age "Dian Lake culture".

Like any big city, Kunming has extensive transport, towering buildings, convenient communication networks, and flowers blooming year-round. Strolling down the grassy, flowery streets, you'll bump into laid-back locals and be infected by the city's freshness and leisure.

Xishan District houses famed Dian Lake, with most attractions clustered around it. Wuhua District is the buzzing economic center with shopping streets and cultural/architectural sights. Guandu Old Town boasts a thousand-year history and profound culture. Dongchuan Red Land is a photography heaven with stunning scenery.

Come immerse yourself in Kunming's rich history and youthful energy!

Xishan Tune Festival

The lively Xishan Folksong Gathering takes place on the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month each year in Kunming's beautiful Xishan Scenic Area. On this day, people from all around converge on Xishan to showcase their vocal talents, making for a vibrant scene. The mountain echoes with folk songs representing the diverse cultures of Yunnan Province and beyond. Both professional and amateur singers bring their unique sounds, creating an energetic melody of voices. Visitors can wander between stages set up throughout the scenic area to experience different musical and cultural traditions. With its picturesque setting and enthusiastic musical celebration, the Xishan Folksong Gathering offers a harmonious opportunity to enjoy the thriving arts heritage of Yunnan province.

Flower Sea "Taohua"

Yunnan is an ocean of flowers, boasting a boundless variety of vibrant blooms at unbeatable prices. When in Kunming, wander the lively flower markets and leave with a bouquet to brighten your journey. At the sprawling Dounan Market, lost yourself amid a kaleidoscope of colorful petals and pleasing scents. Browse bucket after bucket overflowing with roses, lilies, carnations and exotic Chinese blooms. Select a dazzling array for just a few yuan - an armful of roses costs under 10RMB! Chat with friendly flower-sellers while deciding which bunches to take home. Visit in spring to behold tulips and orchids in a rainbow of hues. Or come during festival seasons to join in age-old flower-picking traditions still observed today. Back at your hotel, let your bouquet fill the room with a potpourri of sweet fragrances. The vibrant local blooms will bring a touch of Yunnan's vibrant spirit wherever your travels may lead.

Longmen Watching Dianchi Lake

For panoramic views of sprawling Kunming Lake, ascend to Longmen of the Western Hills. From this lofty vantage point, all 800 square kilometers of glittering waters unfold before you. Let your eye roam across mist-veiled islands, sailboats bobbing on the waves, and distant mountains framing the lakeshore. As you take in miles of idyllic scenery, you'll understand why Kunming Lake has inspired poets and painters for centuries. Come at dusk to watch the waters transform into a mirror-like canvas reflecting a kaleidoscope of color as the sun sinks below the horizon. Or visit during the Mid-Autumn Festival, when Longmen becomes a premier spot to marvel at the harvest moon's glow upon the rippling lake. Wherever you venture in Yunnan's capital, make time to view Kunming Lake shimmering in all its glory from stately Longmen gazing out across the waters.

The longest couplet in China

Flanking the entrance to Daguan Pavilion are the renowned “Longest Couplet in Chinese History,” composed in the 18th century. This masterpiece contains over 500 characters painted elegantly on two vertical boards. Authored by scholar Sun Ranweng during the Qianlong era, the poetic couplet marvels at Daguan Pavilion’s commanding view of Kunming Lake’s pristine waters and surrounding mountains. On Mid-Autumn nights, stand upon Daguan Pavilion and align yourself between the couplet boards. Gazing down, you’ll glimpse the moon's reflection shimmering across the lake's surface, recreating the famed “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon” vista of Hangzhou’s West Lake. This tranquil scene of poetic beauty, known as “Couplet Reflecting the Moon,” offers a sublime vantage point to admire the harvest moon above Kunming’s cherished waters. When visiting Yunnan’s capital, take in an iconic view of lake and moon while paying homage to the lyrical ode of China’s longest couplet.

Splendid Scenery of Gold and Blue

An extraordinary celestial spectacle occurs in Kunming when the setting sun and rising moon align to cast overlapping beams of light between two ancient arches. As day transitions to night, the sun's fading rays stretch across Green Rooster Arch, reflecting onto Eastern Street. Meanwhile, the emerging moon's silver glow shines through Golden Horse Arch, its reflection illuminating Western Street. The two arch shadows inch closer on the ground until they meet in the middle, uniting in a dazzling interplay of sunlight and moonlight. This rare event, known as “Reflections of Sun and Moon,” occurs only once every 60 years when the lunar and solar cycles synchronize. The last recorded occurrence was during the Daoguang reign of the Qing dynasty. As night falls on Kunming’s central square, keep watch for the fleeting moment when Green Rooster and Golden Horse arches unite to bathe the streets in a unique mosaic of solar and lunar radiance.

Must eat Crossing the bridge noodles

No trip to Kunming is complete without savoring the city’s quintessential dish: crossing the bridge noodles. This revered Yunnan specialty boasts centuries of history and remains a local favorite. The bowl arrives piled high with ingredients: chewy rice noodles, sliced meats, vegetables, bean sprouts, chopped peanuts, and a simmering chicken broth. According to legend, a woman created the dish by carefully balancing ingredients in two baskets while crossing a bridge to deliver her husband’s lunch. Now diners can recreate this crossing by adding ingredients to taste. Mix in chilies for a kick of spice, or ask for an egg to be cracked right into the piping hot soup. Slurp up these complex yet balanced flavors, and you'll have a taste of authentic Yunnan cuisine. For the essential Kunming experience, pull up a stool at an old-town noodle shop, request their crossing the bridge noodles, and savor each savory bite.

Best Travel Time

The average temperature of Kunming throughout the year is about 15 ℃, with the average temperature of the hottest month ranging from 19 to 22 ℃ and the highest temperature not exceeding 31.5 ℃; The average temperature in the coldest month is about 6-8 ℃, and the historical lowest temperature is minus 5.4 ℃. Precipitation is mostly concentrated from May to October. For an exaggerated example, on a certain day in summer, if the temperature in Kunming reaches 30 ℃, the people of Kunming will rush around to announce it, which is a bit like Beijing's summer when it reaches 40 ℃. In winter, if it snows heavily, Kunming people will pour out to the suburbs to see the snow scenery and take photos as a souvenir. The best travel time is from December to March: Groups of red billed gulls dodging the cold wind from the north fly from the distant Lake Baikal in Siberia, settling in the waters of Panlong River, Cuihu Lake, Dianchi Lake and other areas in Kunming. People come to watch these little elves, creating a peaceful scene throughout the city. March October: In early spring, snowy mountains can be seen. At the beginning of early spring, flowers are everywhere in Kunming, peach red and willow green, and the Yuantong Mountain is full of cherry blossoms. During this period, there were many fruits, flowers, and ethnic minority festivals in Kunming, and the scenery of Kunming was the most beautiful.

Medical treatment

Here is some information on medical care in Kunming for an English travel website:Medical Care in KunmingKunming has many hospitals including the People's Hospital, Military Hospital, and First Affiliated Hospital, making medical care easily accessible. There are also numerous 24-hour pharmacies throughout the city for medications and minor treatments.Emergency Contacts:Yunnan Provincial Emergency CenterAddress: 6 Jinfeng Garden, Qingnian Lu Tel: 0871-63100120Yunnan Provincial People's HospitalAddress: 173 Jinbi LuTel: 0871-63161030  Kunming Medical University First Affiliated Hospital Address: 1 PanjiawanTel: 0871-65324888, 65324894Kunming First People's HospitalAddress: Xunjin JieTel: 0871-63188176, 63188177Chengdu Military Region Kunming General HospitalAddress: 44 Daguan LuTel: 0871-65319157, 65319159Be sure to travel with international medical insurance. Do not hesitate to seek care if you become ill or injured during your stay. Kunming has quality treatment available.

Safety considerations

Kunming is generally very safe, but visitors should take some basic precautions. Be alert in crowded areas and keep bags and belongings secure to avoid pickpockets. Avoid going out alone late at night or lingeirng in isolated areas. When at bars, stick to well-populated areas and avoid wandering down dark streets. Only take registered taxis and don't accept rides from strangers. As in any major city, be aware of your surroundings and avoid flashing expensive items like cameras and jewelry. Also refrain from open political or religious discussions to avoid unwanted attention. Violent crime is rare in Kunming, but petty theft does occur. Follow basic urban safety measures and let tourism police know if you have any troubles. Aside from taking normal precautions, visitors will find Kunming a very welcoming and secure destination to explore.

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