Jincheng is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization and a southern gateway to Shanxi. It lies south of the Taihang and Taiyue Mountains, north of the Xiaotiao Mountains, nestled in the Zezhou Basin. Known as "Zexiang" historically, Jincheng boasts a long history dating back to the legendary "Three Sovereigns" era of ancient China. Tales still remain of "Xuanyuan's Pathfinding" and "Yao's Capital Yu's Reach" in this land.

As an International Garden City, Jincheng is endowed with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, picturesque mountains and rivers, abundant ancient sites, and numerous ancient structures representing its heritage. Jincheng holds one-third of China's remaining pre-Song and Jin dynasty wooden structures, the most nationwide. Its ancient architecture and Taihang vistas are true gems.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons, spring and autumn are the best.

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Warm temperate semi humid continental monsoon climate

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