Centered around Huaihua City, Zhijiang, and Yuanling, Huaihua's attractions encompass magnificent scenery and historic sites. The Danxia landforms of Wanfo Mountain, the vast wetlands of Wuqiang Creek, the ancient Qianzhong Commandery from the Qin Dynasty known as the "Second Terracotta Army", and the nationally acclaimed Furong Tower, praised as the "Number One Sight in Southern Chu" - Huaihua dazzles and delights.

Visitors can also experience the vibrant Dong minority culture through song and dance festivals, lusheng dances, cockfighting, brocade weaving, batik, and more.

 Trek through the crimson cliffs and peaks of Wanfo Mountain. Cruise the expansive marshes and lakes of Wuqiang. Marvel at ancient tombs and ruins from over 2,200 years ago. Then feast on Dong cuisine while enjoying cultural performances. In Huaihua, immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery and China's living ethnic heritage.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons

Suggested playing days

3 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon humid climate with distinct four seasons

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