Nestled south of the majestic Heng Mountains, Hengyang earns its name as the city “south of Heng”. Migrating geese rest their wings on Return Goose Peak within the city center, earning Hengyang the poetic nickname “Goose City”.

An international tourist destination with a long history and abundant sites, Hengyang delights with both natural and cultural attractions. Lush Heng Mountains, vast Cailun Bamboo Sea, and bird-filled Jiangkou Isle offer stunning nature. The ancient Cangjing Pavilion, historic Shigu Academy, and Hengyang Anti-Japanese War Memorial City compose its rich heritage.

After exploring the temples, bamboo groves and battle memorials, indulge in Hunan's famously spicy and flavourful street snacks for a true local experience.

Fly south with the geese to Hengyang. Discover exotic nature, profound history and mouthwatering cuisine in this scenic southern city.

Best Travel Time

Best in late summer and early autumn

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon humid climate

Hengyang Surrounding Cities

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