Located in the northern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and western Qinghai Province, Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is situated at the center of communication between Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang, and Tibet provinces. It boasts a wealth of natural attractions such as the Yangtze River source, Kunlun Mountain, Tianjun Mountain, and Dacai Dan hot springs. Beyond these wonders, Haixi is also graced with vast grasslands.

With its rich and diverse ethnic culture, Haixi is a prime destination for experiencing the customs and traditions of the Mongolian and Tibetan people. The area's unspoiled landscapes, coupled with the hospitality of its native people, make it an ideal destination for domestic tourists seeking an authentic, immersive cultural experience.

From the lush grasslands to the ancient mountains, Haixi's natural beauty is further complemented by the region's rich biodiversity and wildlife. The combination of these elements creates a one-of-a-kind travel destination that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

Haixi's charm extends far beyond its borders, drawing in travelers from all corners of China to experience an authentic slice of Mongolian and Tibetan life. Here, tourists can participate in traditional cultural activities, explore historical landmarks, and savor local cuisine - a true celebration of the area's rich cultural heritage.

Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure filled with nature, culture, and traditional hospitality. With its wealth of attractions and activities, Haixi truly has something for everyone, making it a perfect choice for an all-around enjoyable travel experience.

Best Travel Time

Summer Best

Suggested playing days

1-2 days

Local climate

Plateau continental climate

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