Hainan Island, a dazzling pearl in the South China Sea, is the second largest island in China after Taiwan. With the smallest land area and the largest sea area of China's provinces, Hainan is located at the southernmost tip of China. The tourism resources here are extremely rich, making it an ideal destination for a tropical holiday.

As China's only tropical coastal area, Hainan boasts an unparalleled natural environment. The island's 81 mountain peaks over 1000 meters above sea level are scattered and have a unique and majestic appearance. The implementation of the off-island tax refund policy has created another hot spot for tourism in Hainan.

Sanya, the essence of tourism in Hainan, is not only a romantic holiday paradise, but also a place full of surprises. In addition to the romantic atmosphere of the blue sea and blue sky, there are also the wonders of tropical rain forests. With all these features, Hainan is an ideal destination for a romantic and relaxing holiday.

The combination of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage makes Hainan Island an irresistible destination for travelers. The unique geographical environment and climate conditions provide travelers with an unforgettable experience, which can be further enriched by the hospitality and friendliness of the local people.

Best Travel Time

November to April of the following year

Suggested playing days

5 days

Local climate

Tropical monsoon climate

Hainan Surrounding Cities

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