Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, sits amidst encircling mountains in the provincial center. Nicknamed “Forest City”, Guiyang is hailed as the “Second Spring City on the Plateau” after the more flamboyant “First Spring City” Kunming. Guiyang captivates with its refined and pristine beauty.

Though often just a transit hub for travelers, Guiyang rewards those who explore its understated charms. Most attractions are named “Park”, especially the famed karst landscapes of verdant peaks and emerald caverns. Crisp air and limpid waters abound.

Beyond splendid scenery, Guiyang exudes leisure and contentment. Life ambles at an unhurried pace unlike hectic metropolises. At night, snack streets and bar streets burst with revelry, embodying the city’s relaxed and tolerant spirit.

Come savor Guiyang’s laidback vibe and uncover its hidden depths!

Consumption level

Guiyang offers moderate travel costs, with budget hotels running 150-200RMB per night. Dining averages around 75RMB per person daily. Breakfast is about 15RMB while lunches and dinners of local snacks and dishes cost 20-30RMB, with nicer restaurants up to 60RMB. Public bus rides are 1-4RMB and taxis start at 11RMB to reach most attractions.

To maximize your budget, stay in affordable express hotels near the city center. Take buses and subways to get around town. For meals, enjoy inexpensive local noodle and rice dishes as well as Guizhou snacks like spicy tofu and fried peanuts.

With good planning, you can experience Guiyang's scenery, history, and unique local culture for 500-800RMB per day. Focus your time and budget on public transit, reasonably priced hotels and restaurants, and free natural attractions like Anshun Bridge and Huaxi Park to make the most of this laidback southwest Chinese city.

Guiyang International Beer Festival

The Guizhou International Beer Festival taking place in Guiyang, China from late June to mid July is a must-visit event for beer lovers and families alike. At the festival grounds located in the Weilai Ark area on Shuidong Road and the Guiyang International Convention Center in downtown Guiyang, attendees can taste beers from all over China and learn about the history, culture, and production process of Chinese beer. The festival also features Guizhou’s famous spicy cuisine to perfectly complement the beers. Even kids can have fun at the festival with rides like carousels, rotating chairs, and bouncy castles. With beer, food, and amusement all in one place, the Guizhou International Beer Festival promises to be an engaging cultural experience for visitors of all ages.

Climb the Jiaxiu Tower to admire the most beautiful night scenery in Guiyang

Jiaxiu Tower stands as Guiyang's most iconic landmark. At night, Jiaxiu Tower Square dazzles with lights as crowds gather. Having weathered countless storms, Jiaxiu Tower has silently witnessed Guiyang's history. Bathed in illuminations, its antique charm and beauty shine through. Modern high-rises glow seductively in neon hues. Tranquil Nanming River flows on below. Jiaxiu Tower's silhouette reflects gracefully on the water's surface. Make the ascent to the top of this storied tower and take in the mesmerizing nightscape. Against the glittering city backdrop, admire Jiaxiu Tower up close under the moonlight. Feel transported back through time as you gaze out at the juxtaposition of Guiyang's heritage and its cosmopolitan present. For breathtaking views of river and skyline, there's no better vantage point than Jiaxiu Tower to appreciate Guiyang's most romantic evening allure.

The Leisure Taste of a Small Town in the Night Market

Even with limited time in Guiyang, don't miss experiencing the lively night markets. From Erho Road Night Market to Shaanxi Road Night Market, these bustling bazaars capture the city's spirit. Strolling past endless rows of food stalls, the streets come alive with sizzling grills, clinking dishes, spirited chatter, and wafting aromas. Duck into humble local eateries tucked in neighborhoods to find authentic Guiyang snacks. Try signature dishes like siwawa spicy noodles or qingshuitan parboiled fish. Elbow-to-elbow with locals, savor the tangy, tongue-tingling flavors unique to Guiyang. Among the smoky grills, colorful crowds, and vendor shouts, lose yourself in the moment. Night markets let you taste the true hustle and hospitality of this lively city. Full of flavor and energy, they offer the perfect bite-sized experience of Guiyang after dark.

Playing macaques in Qianlingshan Park to see the beauty of the city in the forest

Qianling Mountain Park is beloved not just for its verdant hills and waters, but also its boisterous troops of monkeys. Completely habituated to humans, these mischievous macaques may even brazenly snatch food from your hands or clamber onto your shoulders. It's a rare delight to encounter such freely roaming wildlife in the heart of a city. Hike uphill through the forest to Zhanzhuting Pavilion to be rewarded with panoramic views of Guiyang, fittingly nicknamed the "Forest City." Watch monkeys romp and tumble as you take in the sea of treetops blanketed in foliage below. Let these gregarious primates entertain you with their antics - they’re always eager to show off for extra treats or playtime. An encounter with Qianling Mountain Park's monkeys offers a lively nature encounter as well as spectacular vistas of Guiyang nestled harmoniously within its verdant surrounds.

To savor the nostalgic times in the corners and corners

Meander down Liyu Street to step back in time among Guiyang's most evocative old alleys. Lined with weathered brick dwellings and vintage mom-and-pop stores, its narrow lanes exude nostalgic charm. Glimpse snapshots of daily life as residents shop at traditional sundry stalls stocked with wares from yesteryear. For artistic treasures, browse the antique dealers under Wandong Bridge, a haunt of the culturally inclined. Nearby Wandong Bridge Flower and Bird Market offers an array of exotic pets. Visit Guiyang's Beitang Catholic Church to admire the fusion of Chinese and Western architecture. Lose yourself in the ancient streets around Tongren Bookhouse, Dade College, and Wenchang Pavilion to soak up the enduring antiquity permeating Guiyang. Wandering these age-old alleys lets you experience the unhurried pulse and time-honored character of the city.

Strolling through ancient alleys and savoring delicious food in Qingyan Ancient Town

With stone walkways, walls, pillars, and tiles, everything in Qingyan Ancient Town is sculpted from rock. As one of Guizhou's four grand ancient towns, Qingyan reflects the regional Tunpu culture while integrating diverse beliefs. Rather than ticking off sightseeing spots, lose yourself in the maze-like stone alleys to soak up the captivating old-world atmosphere. When you work up an appetite, Qingyan’s main street tempts with local snacks like pig’s trotters, Qingyan tofu, rose candy, huangba (fried pancakes), sticky rice, gaojian rice porridge, and jila (spicy chicken). Let your tastebuds guide you through fried, steamed, saucy and sweet treats from stall to stall. Wandering these atmospheric lanes while sampling Qingyan's specialties makes for the quintessential experience of this charming heritage town and its rich culinary traditions.

Best Travel Time

Summer is the best time to travel to Guiyang. Although it is rainy, it can provide shelter and a suitable temperature. Spring (March May): Various parks in Guiyang are full of flowers and full of vitality; Summer (June August): Summer vacation is the best choice, with lotus leaves hanging in the sky in Huaxi Park and a good place for boating in Qianlingshan Park; Autumn (September November): Climb to Qianling Mountain for a distant view, or go to Huaxi Park to watch the waves of wheat and reeds rolling and rippling; Winter (December February): Go to the still verdant Guiyang and climb the sparsely populated Jia Xiu Tower to taste a different flavor.

Medical treatment

Here is some advice on medical care in Guiyang for an English travel website:Medical Care in GuiyangGuiyang has numerous hospitals that can treat minor injuries and illnesses that travelers may experience. Guiyang Medical University Affiliated HospitalAddress: 28 Guiyi Street, Guiyang Tel: 0851-6855119Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital  Address: 83 Zhongshan East Road, Nanming District, GuiyangTel: 0851-5922979These reputable hospitals have English-speaking staff available to assist foreign visitors. Make sure to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies including evacuation. For minor concerns, pharmacy chains can provide over-the-counter medication. Hotel staff can also recommend English-speaking doctors that make house calls if needed.Do not hesitate to seek medical attention in Guiyang during your stay if required. The city has high quality healthcare to keep you healthy and enjoying your time!

Safety considerations

When traveling in Guiyang during summer, mosquito repellent is a must, as bugs can be bothersome, especially in the parks' forests and hills. Additionally, solo travelers should avoid lingering for long periods around the train and bus stations, and be sure to closely watch their valuables. As in any city, keep aware of your surroundings and use common sense precautions. However, Guiyang is generally quite safe. Violent crime is rare and the city centers are well-lit and populated. Simply take regular safety measures like avoiding unlit alleyways at night, only taking registered taxis, and keeping belongings secure in crowded areas. For added peace of mind, the tourism police provide assistance to visitors if issues arise. While mosquitoes may be an annoyance, violent crime is not a major concern. With some basic precautions, Guiyang makes for a safe and enjoyable trip.

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