Located in central Taiwan, Jiayi is a charming small city of natural beauty and allure. With convenient transportation, mountains to the rear and sea upfront, Jiayi enjoys picturesque scenery and spring-like weather year-round.

It's no wonder Jiayi is a popular tourist destination, boasting attractions like the Buddhist holy site Mituo Temple and Jiuhua Mountain Earth God Temple. Numerous local festivals and night markets further draw visitors to experience Jiayi's rich culture.

Highlights include seeing baby pandas at the Taiwan Teilaco Panda Conservation Hall, wandering the folk art streets and rainbow village murals of Old Jiayi, trekking beautiful Alishan Forest Recreation Area, and tasting through the Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf seafood markets and night market.

Visitors consistently find that Jiayi offers a perfect blend of natural and cultural wonders with laidback friendliness. Transport is easy by high speed rail from major cities. Jiayi warmly welcomes all to savor its scenic beauty, historic sites, local flavors, and easygoing vibe.

Best Travel Time

September to November

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Tropical and subtropical climates

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