Chaozhou lies in eastern Guangdong, bordering Fujian province. As a national historic city, Chaozhou is the cultural heart of the Teochew people and known as the "Famed City Between Mountains and Sea" and "Foremost City in Northeast Guangdong."

Chaozhou boasts many unique cultural traditions like Chaozhou embroidery, Chaozhou opera, woodcarving, cuisine, gongfu tea, and vernacular architecture. Tourism thrives with attractions like the Old and New Eight Sights of Chaozhou.

Wander flower-filled Xiangli Lake Park and scenic Phoenix Mountain. Tour historic sites like Kaiyuan Temple and Han Dynasty Nan'ao Island ruins. From sampling Chaozhou snacks to learning traditional arts, Chaozhou captivates visitors with enduring Teochew heritage.

Best Travel Time

September October

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Subtropical marine monsoon climate

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