Zhuzhou, Hunan's second largest city, boasts a long history and is a birthplace of Chinese agricultural civilization.

In addition to revolutionary sites like Chaling and Yanling, Zhuzhou's top attraction is Shennong Valley Scenic Area - a scientific and picturesque destination exemplifying Zhuzhou's nature and culture. Don't miss theme parks like Chimelong Paradise and Chimelong Water Park, thrilling new landmarks.

Beyond the landscapes, Zhuzhou has an illustrious legacy as the ancient Yandi Kingdom. Walk the ancient Shiling Pass the emperor took. Explore archaeological wonders like the Beidaling Ruins. At night, stroll through Zhuzhou's glittering modern downtown.

From ancient kingdoms to modern amusement, Zhuzhou's scenic beauty and rich heritage make for an unforgettable travel experience. Revolutionary history, imperial legacies, and family fun blend together in this charming city that has it all.

Best Travel Time

Best in Spring and Autumn

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate with distinct four seasons and abundant rainfall

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