Boasting 604 km of coastline, Zhuhai has 146 islands sprinkled across its expansive waters, especially concentrated in the Wanzai archipelago to the east. This "City of Hundred Islands" stuns with impossibly blue skies and romantic seaside air. Blissful couples stroll along, with happiness spreading as freely as the ocean breeze.

Lone islands stand amidst the azure sea, showing their full splendor in dawn's rosy glow and dusk's golden light. Salty air, redolent of the ocean, effortlessly intoxicates all who venture here. 

Xiangzhou District contains many of Zhuhai's top attractions and hotels, with excellent transport and commerce. Jinwan District harbors a concentration of Zhuhai's numerous isles.

Sail to secluded islands, dive translucent waters, indulge in fresh seafood. In Zhuhai, escape to an aquatic paradise where land meets sea and tranquility reigns.

Consumption level

Zhuhai's costs are lower than top-tier cities like Guangzhou, except around Gongbei near Macau where prices are comparable to other first-tier cities. Fast food averages around 10RMB citywide, and 15RMB in Gongbei. Public bus fares are 2RMB (non-air conditioned) to 2.5RMB (air conditioned). Taxis start at 10RMB.

For affordable accommodations, stay in Jinwan district with hotel rates from 150RMB per night. Use public transportation to get around for just a few RMB. Enjoy cheap local eats like fish balls, beef jerky, and dim sum.

With good planning, budget-focused travelers can immerse themselves in Zhuhai's seaside appeal and varied architecture for around 200-250RMB per day. Opt for budget lodging, maximize public transit, and sample inexpensive food stalls. Focus your spending on one or two highlights each day rather than trying to see everything.

Overlooking Zhuhai

For panoramic views of Zhuhai, head to the peak of Shijing Mountain. The iconic granite Sea Peng sculpture overlooks the city and harbor from this vantage point. Gazing across to Fisher Girl statue on Xianglu Bay, you'll enjoy breathtaking aerial perspectives of Zhuhai. Take a cable car ride up the mountain and relax at the open-air tea house. Sip tea while soaking in the sprawling cityscape, verdant islands, and glimmering South China Sea. As the sun sinks into the horizon, the sky ignites in dazzling hues. When night falls, Zhuhai's glittering skyline flickers to life. With unobstructed 360-degree views, Shijing Mountain offers the ultimate perch to take in Zhuhai's beauty. Bask in the tranquil atmosphere atop this scenic peak as Zhuhai unfolds before your eyes from golden dawn to twinkling dusk.

Floating Stone Wonder

Off the coast of Zhuhai lies the sublime spectacle of Wanshan Island's floating stones. This geological wonder in Fu Shi Bay resembles giant rocks suspended above the sea. During low tide, portions of the boulders emerge, appearing to levitate on the water's surface. This "Asia's miracle" phenomenon occurs due to the unique porous volcanic rock which enables buoyancy. Visit in mid-April to witness the century-old Mazu Festival, a tradition on Wanshan Island. Watch colorful parades and dragon dances honoring the sea goddess. Or explore quiet coves and coastal caves along the island's rugged shoreline. Formed by volcanic eruptions over 7,000 years ago, Wanshan Island holds fascinating treasures from unique ecosystems to rich cultural heritage. But the sublime floating stones are the must-see attraction, presenting a vision right out of a fantasy novel.

Romance on the Road of Couples

Meandering along Zhuhai's coastline, Lover's Road is a symbol of romance in the city. Palm tree-lined pathways beckon couples for seaside strolls or bike rides with breezy ocean views. Gazing out at landmarks like Xianglu Bay and Ye Li Dao Island, you'll feel immersed in Zhuhai's beauty. Enjoy stops along the way to snap selfies against colorful murals, take in glowing sunsets, and sip coconut drinks at caf├ęs. Hands intertwined, listen to the gentle rhythm of waves lapping the shore. Make a wish at the wishing tree decorated with love locks. At night, the road illuminates with soft lights perfect for evening promenades. For couples seeking quality time together surrounded by natural splendor, Lover's Road is Zhuhai's quintessential romantic retreat. Create lifelong memories as you follow this scenic route through a magical seaside world built for two.

The Infinite Scenery on the Dangerous Peak

Rising above Zhuhai, Huangyang Mountain offers breathtaking vistas from its steep summit. As the highest peak in the city, it provides panoramic views of the Pearl River Delta's three grand outlets merging with the open sea. Take the cable car up and climb the observation deck to be rewarded with this natural wonder unfolding before your eyes. Gaze out at the vast expanse of water, its waves crashing rhythmically against sandy shores. Spot verdant islands dotted across the horizon. Watch as boats sail by, leaving foamy white trails in their wake. The interplay of light and clouds creates mesmerizing reflections on the water's glassy surface. As the sun sinks low, the sky ignites in dazzling hues of orange and pink. Huangyang Mountain's soaring height unveils Zhuhai's majestic maritime landscape against the backdrop of an infinite sky.

The closest island to Macau

Connected by just a river to the glittering casinos of Macau, Hengqin Island offers a peaceful Zhuhai getaway with close proximity to this bustling neighbor. As Zhuhai's largest island, Hengqin features serene beaches, verdant hills, and scenic walking trails with vantage points to admire Macau's striking skyline across the water. Visit the iconic Mount Daheng peak for 360-degree panoramas encompassing both cities and the South China Sea. After working up an appetite on your island adventure, indulge in Hengqin's famous oysters harvested fresh from lush mangrove wetlands. Their briny sweetness encapsulates the island's abundance. With its natural beauty and easy access to Macau, Hengqin Island grants the best of both worlds - a tranquil island escape against the backdrop of one of Asia's most vibrant entertainment hubs.

That sea, that coral island

Nicknamed "China's Maldives," Miaowan Island stuns with its sparkling shores formed entirely of crushed coral. Accessible by scenic ferry from Zhuhai, this remote isle offers a tropical escape with white sand beaches fringed by coconut palms. Wade into the crystal clear waters and discover a vibrant underwater world among the coral reefs teeming with exotic fish. Snorkel alongside sea turtles and stingrays gliding through the tranquil bay. For unbeatable views, hike to the island's peak and take in the sweeping vistas of emerald hills cascading down to the sapphire sea. As the sun melts into the horizon, the sky ignites in a blaze of color. End your day with a beachfront barbecue, toasting marshmallows as the stars emerge overhead. With its pristine coral sands and turquoise waters, Miaowan's natural splendor evokes the exotic beauty of island paradises far abroad.

Sing in the ocean, sigh in the sea

Off the coast of Zhuhai lies Wailingding, the only island boasting views of Hong Kong's dazzling skyline. Make the scenic ferry ride and hike up Mount Wailingding to experience sunrise and sunset panoramas encompassing both cities and the surrounding isles. Take in the tranquil beauty of Wailingding Bay as you reflect on the lyrical line "sighing over Wailingding amidst Wailingding's sea" - penned by ancient poet Wen Tianxiang during captivity on this very island. Feel the powerful emotions evoked by the island's storied history and sublime seascapes. For more exploring, wander quiet coastal trails to discover hidden coves and grottos carved by the tides. At the day's end, relax on sandy beaches while looking out across the glittering waters. With its poetic legacy and striking vistas, Wailingding Island inspires deep connections between nature, history, and the human spirit.

Best Travel Time

Zhuhai is warm and humid all year round, with no severe cold in winter and no particularly hot in summer. The southeast monsoon prevails from April to September, which is the rainy season and the annual rainfall is concentrated during this period. The Northeast monsoon prevails from October to March, which is the dry season. The disastrous weather in Zhuhai is mainly typhoon and rainstorm. In some years, winter is affected by cold wave and low temperature. Typhoons often occur from June to October, with an average of about 4 occurrences per year. Typhoons that seriously affect Zhuhai City average once a year, and there are about five rainstorm. So March, April, October, and December are the best tourist seasons in Zhuhai, suitable for vacationing, exploring, and hiking on various islands in Zhuhai.

Dressing Guidelines

Zhuhai Clothing Recommendations

April through September is rainy season in Zhuhai. Bring rain jackets and umbrellas when going out.

October to March is the dry season. Use sun protection and stay hydrated outdoors.

Typhoons are most frequent June through October.

Zhuhai's humid subtropical climate means packing for both heat and rain is necessary. Lightweight shirts and breathable fabrics are ideal for hot summers. Sweaters or fleece may be needed for cool winter days. Since Zhuhai gets heavy rainfall April-September, raincoats and foldable umbrellas are strongly recommended. Checking forecasts for typhoons will allow proper preparation. Dressing in layers and having the right outerwear will keep you comfortable experiencing Zhuhai's coastal climate.

Airport shuttle bus

Zhuhai Jinwan Airport operates direct airport shuttle buses to downtown Zhuhai, Macau, Zhongshan and Jiangmen.

Public bus No. 207 also runs between Zhuhai city center and the airport terminal building.

Airport Shuttle Fares:

1. Zhongshan downtown to Zhuhai Airport: 40RMB per person

2. Sanxiang Town in Zhongshan to Zhuhai Airport: 35RMB per person 

3. Zhuhai Airport to Zhongshan downtown: 40RMB per person

4. Zhuhai Airport to Sanxiang Bus Station: 35RMB per person

The airport shuttle buses provide a convenient and affordable connection to Zhuhai Jinwan Airport. Journey times are around 30-60 minutes depending on your destination. Buses run frequently, with schedules aligned to flight arrival and departure times. Tickets can be purchased directly on the bus.

For travelers departing from Zhongshan, Macau or nearby cities, taking the airport shuttle is easier than taking a taxi or arranging your own transportation to the airport. Check the shuttle schedule and allow sufficient time to reach the airport ahead of your flight. The shuttle buses drop off and pick up directly in front of the departure halls.

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