Situated in central-north Hunan Province along the mid-lower reaches of the Zi River, surrounded by the Yuan and Li Rivers, and nestled southwest of Dongting Lake, Yiyang is abundantly blessed with mineral deposits, water resources, and wildlife. Coupled with its advantageous climate, Yiyang rightfully earns its reputation as the "land of fish and rice" and "home of tea and bamboo fragrance."

Boasting a long history and splendid culture, Yiyang offers many historical and cultural attractions for tourists. Highlights include Longzhou Academy, one of ancient Hunan's Four Great Academies; the ancient Eastern Jin Dynasty Buddhist temple, Qixia Temple; Fenghuang Mountain; and the ancient Tea-Horse Trail. 

Walk the stone paths of the ancient academy where Hunan's greatest scholars once studied. Listen to the sublime chanting of Buddhist monks at the 1,600 year-old temple. Trek through bamboo forests to vistas overlooking the Zi River's winding waters. Yiyang tempts with history, culture, and natural appeal.

Best Travel Time

Best in Autumn and Winter

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Subtropical continental monsoon humid climate

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