Xuchang lies in central Henan Province and is a core city of the Central Plains urban cluster. It is a famous historic and cultural city in China that was historically a strategic location contested by warring states and warlords.

Xuchang was the capital of the first hereditary Xia Dynasty in ancient China. During the Three Kingdoms period, it served as the old capital of Cao Wei. Numerous cultural relics represent Three Kingdoms culture, including Baling Bridge where the legend of Guan Yu shedding his robes took place, Prime Minister Cao's Mansion, Chunxiu Building, Hua Tuo's Tomb, and other historic sites.

In addition, Ziyun Mountain Scenic Area in Xiangcheng County offers leisure, vacationing, and sightseeing.

Xuchang's rich history and culture, coupled with beautiful natural scenery, make it an attractive destination for learning about ancient Chinese civilization.

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Suitable for all seasons

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one day

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Warm temperate monsoon climate

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