Sitting at the junction of the Qinghai and the Himalayas, Xigaze, also known as Xikaze and Gyangze, is an autonomous prefecture in the east of Tibet. It's a destination with many unique and captivating tourist attractions. Following the Yarlung Zangbo River upstream from Lhasa, one will arrive at the Yamdrok Lake, which is one of the three holiest lakes in Tibet. Entering Xigaze from here, one can continue southward to the icy world of Mount Everest, also known as "the roof of the world". If you go westward from Xigaze, you will reach the樟木 port, a crucial passage to Nepal.

Xigaze is a landlocked region with a rich history and culture. It's home to numerous ancient monasteries and beautiful landscapes, endowed with the same natural charm as the great outdoors. Its advantageous geographical location and the allure of its ancient culture make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tibet. The city's rich historical background and cultural heritage are sure to captivate any traveler.

The natural landscapes of Xigaze are as diverse as they come, ranging from high altitude deserts to lush green valleys. This provides tourists with a myriad of activities to indulge in, such as hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. In addition to its natural splendor, Xigaze is also home to some of the most well-preserved cultural relics in Tibet.

In conclusion, Xigaze is a place where tourists can witness the richness of Tibetan culture, explore its diverse landscapes, and experience a destination that is both historical and contemporary. With so much to offer, it's no wonder Xigaze is such a popular tourist destination in Tibet.

Best Travel Time

April to October, but the best time to go to Mount Everest is in May and June.

Suggested playing days

3 days

Local climate

Plateau Mountain Climate

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