Nestled in China's third geographical terrace, Quzhou is characterized by expansive mountains and hills, most densely forested. Majestic natural wonders are crowned by UNESCO World Heritage Site Mount Jianglang. Picturesque scenery abounds, from Tai Zhen Dong caverns to Xizhou Grasslands, Jiangshan's peaks to Changshan's karst wonders like Huangnitang. Geological marvels like Xiaohu Nan's stone columns and Fugai Mountain's cave clusters astound.

Cultural highlights include ancient towns like Ershiba Du, folk villages like Hemu Pottery and Qingyang Mao clan, Xiamen ancient residences, Longyou rock carvings, and Jiuhua Temple to the Spring Goddess.

Quzhou's pristine wilderness, stunning lookouts, farmhouse stays, and forays into age-old villages offer immersion into untrammeled vistas and enduring cultural traditions. Discovering Quzhou's natural splendor and heritage promises adventure, reflection, and glimpses into authentic Chinese life.

Best Travel Time

Spring or late autumn

Suggested playing days

3 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate zone

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