Neijiang lies in southeast Sichuan along the mid-reaches of the Tuo River. Flanked by Chongqing, Luzhou, Zigong, and Meishan, Neijiang serves as an important cotton and sugarcane production base and sugar processing center, earning it the nickname "Sweet City".

Neijiang is the hometown of renowned painter Zhang Daqian. The sprawling Daqian Garden memorializes his legacy. Other attractions include Baiyun Mountain, Shenshui Temple, Jing'an Temple, Zizhong Ancient Street, and Bainiazhai Forest Park - all exemplifying a harmonious blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Neijiang cuisine shines with specialties like Daqian chicken nuggets, Neijiang beef noodles, Wang's dried beef, and the city's famed candied fruits. A sweet trip awaits in this sugar town!

Best Travel Time

Best in Spring and Autumn

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

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