Nanchong, located in northeastern Sichuan on the Jialing River, is Sichuan’s second most populous city. With over 2,200 years of history dating back before the Xia and Shang dynasties, Nanchong was known as the “State of Guoshi”.

As the birthplace of Three Kingdoms and Spring Festival cultures, Nanchong is home to elegant folk customs. The blending of Three Kingdoms, silk, revolutionary, and Jialing River legacies illuminates Nanchong’s rich cultural tapestry. Famed artistic traditions like giant wooden puppets, lantern shows, paper-cutting, and shadow puppetry showcase northern Sichuan’s unique heritage.

Nanchong nurtured illustrious historical figures including literary master Sima Xiangru, historian Chen Shou, astronomical pioneer Luo Xiahong, and the loyal general Ji Xin.

Come discover Nanchong’s time-honored history and vibrant living culture!

Best Travel Time

Best in Spring and Autumn

Suggested playing days

2-3 days

Local climate

Subtropical humid monsoon climate

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