Mianyang, also known as Mianzhou or Fucheng, boasts over 2,200 years of history. Strategically situated in northwestern Sichuan Basin, Mianyang borders the Jianmen Pass to the north, the Chengdu Plain to the south, Jiuzhaigou Valley to the west, and the Three Gorges region to the east. Nicknamed the "Throat of Shu Road" and "Key to Jianmen Pass", Mianyang bridges central and western China.

History and culture, nature and humanity, technology and development blend in harmonious unity here. Rich cultural heritage and a comfortable garden city environment, thriving economy and advanced infrastructure, fresh air and friendly people - Mianyang abounds with magnificent mountains and waters, historic sites, and vibrant local customs.

In the city, Yuewang Tower offers panoramic views of the Three Rivers nightscape. Fuleshan Park bursts with seasonal blooms. The trendy 126 Art Zone transformed an old factory complex. The county of Jiangyou is famed poet Li Bai's hometown, with a memorial museum, his residence, stele forest, and International Poetic Town - immersing you in literary heritage.

As a Sichuan city, Mianyang naturally excels in cuisine. Discover its many delights!

Mysterious Tribe, Mythical World

Jagged peaks pierce the sky while deep gorges carved by rivers slice through Baima Snow Mountain's pristine landscape. Pristine forests and secluded valleys exude an aura of unspoiled wilderness in this remote region of northern Sichuan. The mysterious Baima Tibetan villages nested here have remained cut off for generations. Intrepid visitors are lured by the chance to glimpse the unique customs of this isolated tribal community and experience the raw, rustic beauty of the mountain habitat enveloping their settlements. Trek along slender cliffs and traverse flower-strewn meadows to reach this mythical domain. Let Baima Snow Mountain's rugged grandeur and fascinating indigenous culture transport you to another world. Adventure into this secluded mountain sanctuary to discover its ancient folklore and customs frozen in time, untouched by the modern world.

Li Bai's Hometown, Poetic Jiangyou

With its long history and literary heritage, Jiangyou exudes poetic charm. As the birthplace of renowned Tang dynasty poet Li Bai, it is home to the largest museum dedicated to him, Li Bai Memorial Hall. Like Li Bai's vivid and natural verses, the museum brims with cultural treasures and artifacts. Throughout Jiangyou, Li Bai's legacy permeates the tranquil lanes and landscapes that inspired him. Strolling past pavilions and gardens, lines of his poetic couplets spring to mind. At sites like the thatched cottage where he was born, reflect on the creativity cultivated in this serene setting. Let Jiangyou's scenic beauty and literary spirit transport you to the Tang era of arts and culture. Wander this timeless place that nurtured one of China's greatest poetic voices, gaining insight into the life and talent of Li Bai while marveling at the enduring inspiration of his hometown.

Best Travel Time

The summer in Mianyang is relatively hot and humid, while the winter is overcast and cold. The best travel seasons are spring and autumn. In spring, the magnolia and lily flowers in Beichuan, Jiangyou, and other places compete to bloom, and various celebration activities are held throughout Mianyang.

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