Located in central Zhejiang Province, Jinhua is a central city in western Zhejiang. Jinhua has a long history dating back to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty kingdom of Yue. Blessed with extraordinarily beautiful mountains and rivers, the nationally renowned Shuanglong Cave Scenic Area has attracted visitors from far and wide.

Other major provincial scenic spots include the precipitous Fangyan Rocks in Yongkang, the subterranean river in Liuxi Six Caves Mountain, Xianhua Mountain in Pujiang, Huaxi in Pan'an, Baizhang Pond, the Dapan Mountain National Nature Reserve, Xianyuan Lake Resort, Dongyang's floral spectacle at Pingyan, and Jiufeng Mountain in Tangxi.

From underground caverns to alpine hikes, Jinhua's natural wonders astound. Beyond appreciating idyllic rural panoramas, Jinhua offers cultural enrichment through its ancient temples, historic architecture, and enduring local traditions. An immersive journey through little-known Jinhua promises discovery, adventure, and glimpses into enduring heritage.

Best Travel Time

Spring and Autumn

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

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