Huanggang is a historical and cultural city with captivating natural scenery and abundant cultural attractions.

Top sights in Huanggang include Dongpo's Red Cliff and Qingyun Pagoda in Huangzhou, Qili Ping, Red Army Martyrs' Memorial Park, Dashheng Temple Pagoda, Mount Tiantai and more in Hong'an, showcasing breathtaking nature and rich heritage.

Stroll along the Yangtze where the seminal Battle of Red Cliffs took place. Hike the misty peaks of Tiantai, one of Buddhism's sacred mountains. Pay homage to revolution martyrs. Reflect in temples built a thousand years ago. Huanggang offers the perfect blend of storied history and stunning natural beauty.

Best Travel Time

May October

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

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