Dongguan lies in southern Guangdong along the eastern Pearl River estuary. As one of only four major cities in China without districts, Dongguan reports directly to Guangdong province.

With over 1,700 years of county history, Dongguan is famed as a "hometown of overseas Chinese". Other titles include "Hometown of Dragon Boat", "Hometown of Chinese Folk Art", "Hometown of Weightlifting", and "Hometown of Cantonese Opera".

From the scenic riverside boardwalk at Keyuan to the historic Humen Fortress, Dongguan mixes modern shopping centers with cultural heritage. Enjoy a serene escape in nature reserves like Longyinshan or witness centuries of history at the Dongguan Museum. In Dongguan, discover a city where past and future seamlessly converge.

Best Travel Time

The mild climate in Dongguan is mainly affected by rainstorm and typhoon. Every June to October is the season of frequent rainstorm. At this time, tourists in Dongguan should pay attention to the rainstorm and typhoon warnings in media reports. September and October are the best times to visit Dongguan every year. People living in the north can pack their bags and head south to Dongguan if they want to feel the warmth of summer in the cold winter.

Medical treatment

Here is some helpful information about medical facilities in Dongguan, China for an English travel website:Medical Care in DongguanDongguan has several high-quality hospitals and medical facilities available for travelers. Some of the top Tier 3A hospitals in the city include:- Dongguan People’s Hospital - Public hospital, Tel: 0769-28637333, Address: 88 Shaditang, Dongguan - Dongguan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Public hospital, Tel: 0769-22235588, Address: 61 Dongmen Road, Dongcheng, Dongguan- Dongguan Donghua Hospital - Private hospital, Tel: 0769-22333333, Address: 1 Donglu Road, Dongcheng, Dongguan- Kanghua Hospital of Dongguan - Private hospital, Tel: 0769-22823333, Address: 99 Dongguan Avenue, DongguanThese major hospitals have English-speaking staff available to assist foreign visitors. Many pharmacies can also provide common over-the-counter medications.Be sure to travel with proper health insurance and medical documentation to facilitate treatment if required. Dongguan provides high-quality healthcare options for travelers in need of medical care.

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