Dazhou, with its long history and abundance of talent, is located in northeast Sichuan at the southern foot of the Daba Mountains. As a major population, agricultural, and industrial center in Sichuan, Dazhou is hailed as the "Pearl of Eastern Sichuan".

With its spectacular mountains and rivers, lakes and waterfalls, flowers and trees, birds and beasts, Dazhou's vibrant natural landscapes were praised as the "Marvels of the Southwest" by the eminent Ming Dynasty geographer Xu Xiake.

Ancient temples, towers, stone carvings, and sculptures are scattered throughout Dazhou, along with cultural relics left behind by generations of skilled artisans and scholars. Revolutionary sites also enrich Dazhou's historical heritage.

Come explore the captivating fusion of breathtaking scenery and profound history in this eastern Sichuan gem!

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Subtropical humid monsoon climate

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