Chuzhou, long known as the "Key to Jiangnan and Guardian of Huai River", blends Jiangnan’s scenic beauty with Huai River’s rustic charm. Over 100 natural and cultural attractions await, like famous mountains, pavilions, passes, temples, historic sites and more.

Highlights include Langya Mountain, Huangfu Mountain and other national forest parks. Three national heritage sites - Ming Dynasty Imperial Tombs, Langya Mountain Cliff Inscriptions, and Stele Carvings. Don't miss Chuzhou Old Town, Jiutianfeng Ecotourism Resort, Erlang Lake, Huashan Colorful Cloud Cave, Xijian Lake, Fengle Pavilion, Longpan River Park, and Qingliu River Park.

Beyond just sights, Chuzhou offers experiences. Hike misty peaks, admire dynastic treasures, sample local teahouse fare, or enjoy waterfront parks and riverside strolls. Nearby Yangzhou and Nanjing provide convenient day trips.

With natural beauty, historic legacy, and modern amenities, Chuzhou makes an immersive destination for travelers seeking the authentic Jiangnan lifestyle.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons, spring is the best.

Suggested playing days

1-2 days

Local climate

North subtropical humid monsoon climate