Built when Tianjin was a foreign concession, The Five Great Avenues feature diverse architectural styles from various nations, now forming the most dazzling landscape in the city.

The most unique are Machang Dao and Muti Nan Dao, lined with over 300 little Western-style buildings behind which lie intriguing histories. Wandering and exploring brings pleasant surprises.

The most characteristic way to tour the Avenues is by horse carriage, with guides providing commentary. Other options include pedicabs, electric cars, or leisurely strolling or cycling if time allows.

Allow 1-3 hours to soak in the nostalgic charm. Take Tourist Bus 5 to Minyuan Square Stop, or Buses 13, 685, 862 or 904 to Waiguoyu University Stop, then walk about 300 meters.

Admission is free. Lose yourself in Tianjin's concession past along The Five Great Avenues.