Originating at Jinguang Bridge in Tianjin and emptying into the Bohai Bay at Dakou, the Haihe River runs through the heart of Tianjin as the "mother river" of the city.

Spanning the river are impressive bridges like Jinguang Bridge, Shizilin Bridge, Jintang Bridge, Bei'an Bridge, and Jiefang Bridge.

Lining the banks are high-rise buildings and over 20 historical and cultural sites well worth visiting. Tianjin Station, Ancient Culture Street, and Dabeiyuan Temple have boat docks for river cruises. 

Nighttime is the best time to appreciate the Haihe when the riverside lights begin to glitter, presenting beautiful scenery. Vantage points like the Tianjin Eye, Jin Tower, and Jintang Gate make for great photos.

Allow 1-3 hours to take in views of the iconic Haihe River. Admission is free.