Located on the banks of the Haihe River in Tianjin's Hongqiao District, the Tianjin Eye is a giant observation wheel built over the river, combining sightseeing and transportation functions.

It takes 28 minutes to complete one revolution. At the highest point, you can enjoy panoramic views up to 40 km away.

With a diameter of 110 meters, the wheel has 48 transparent 360-degree capsules that each fit 8 people, allowing 384 to ride at once.

The slow rotation is smooth, not thrilling. Watch vehicles zoom by from both sides for a novel experience.

Allow 1-3 hours to take in the scenery. Take bus 516, 652 or 910 to Yongle Bridge Stop, then walk about 388 meters.

Daytime tickets are 80 RMB, night tickets 100 RMB. Open 6pm-10:30pm Mondays, 10am-10:30pm Tuesday-Sunday. See Tianjin shrink beneath you at Tianjin Eye.