Longxing Temple was originally the Longteng Garden built by Murong Xi of the Later Yan dynasty during the Sixteen Kingdoms period. In 586 AD, it was converted into a temple by Emperor Wen of the Sui dynasty and named Longcang Temple. The Tang dynasty later renamed it Longxing Temple. 

Longxing Temple boasts six superlatives:

- China's best preserved ancient Mani Temple 
- Largest surviving five-color clay sculpture of Guanyin
- Finest ancient bronze cast Buddha statue in China
- Earliest extant kaishu (regular script) stele inscription
- Oldest and largest revolving sutra repository in China
- Tallest and oldest ancient bronze Guanyin statue worldwide

Culture lovers can catch grand performances like Emperors Worshipping Buddha and Thousand-hand Guanyin during Spring Festival and May 1st/National Day celebrations.

Allow over 3 hours to marvel at this treasure trove of Chinese culture and history. Take buses 134, 135, 143, 164 to Longxing Jiayuan Stop.

Tickets are 50RMB. Discounts for students, seniors 60-69 with ID. Free for children under 1.2m, seniors 70+ with ID, active military, and disabled with credentials.

Open daily 8:30am-4:30pm, last entry at 4pm. Lose yourself in the ancient wonders of Longxing Temple.