Sitting on the central north-south axis in Beijing, Jingshan Park neighbors the Forbidden City to the south and overlooks the Drum Tower to the north. It was once the highest vantage point overlooking Beijing's old imperial city center.

The park features ancient trees, peaks, palaces and a plethora of peony varieties. It hosts abundant cultural activities. Among them, Wanchunting Pavilion affords panoramic views of the Forbidden City and Beijing's central axis.

Another famous cultural site is the hanging tree of Chongzhen, the last Ming emperor. He hanged himself here in 1644 amid rebellion.

Allow 1-3 hours to wander the park. Arrive at the east gate via buses 111 or 124, the south gate via buses 101, 103, 109 or 124, or the west gate via buses 5 or 58.

Admission is 2 RMB for adults and 1 RMB for seniors and students. Children under 6 and seniors over 60 enter for free. Appreciate imperial history and natural beauty in the heart of Beijing.